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Procedures We Offer

Butt Augmentation

I believe the first option in butt augmentation should be liposuction and fat grafting. However, there are the unlucky (or perhaps lucky!) few that simply do not have enough fat to sufficiently augment their buttocks. In these individuals, the buttocks is best augmented with an implant. The implants for the butt are sized in a similar way to the breasts to ensure we get a volume that you would like.

Fat Transfer

Through body sculpture, liposuction is performed on areas of stubborn fat that the patient has trouble losing with diet and exercise alone. Liposculpture can help create the patient’s ideal figure. Your plastic surgeon will sculpt your body into a beautiful piece of art.

Body Contouring

Through body contouring, liposuction is performed on problem areas of stubborn fat and then the fat is processed and injected into the breasts, butt and/or hip areas to create an hourglass figure. Body contouring helps patients achieve their ideal body.


Liposuction has made major improvements in techniques over the years. However, the single most important factor is the individual performing the liposuction. Why? Because liposuction is as much art & sculpting as it is surgery. How is that hour glass figure created? How is muscle definition created? By intuitively seeing what needs to be done and then artistically sculpting the result. And that is solely based on the individual performing the liposuction.

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Before and After Photos of Our Patients

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Why Patients Choose Butts By Design

Find out why so many patients are choosing Butts By Design to accomplish their goals.


Happy Patients

We have a high amount of patients who are happy and satisfied with their results.


Personalized  Procedures

Each patient receives a personalized procedure to suit their individual goals.


Dedicated and Professional Team

Our team works together to deliver the best results possible.

Meet Dr. Nykiel

Dr. Matthew J. Nykiel has devoted an extensive sum of time perfecting his expertise as a plastic surgeon. This is a result of his belief that elegant cosmetic results directly correlate with precise technique and prudent training. To practice this belief, Dr. Nykiel achieved a double sub-specialty within Plastic Surgery to gain an exclusive skill set. With his expertise is how he consistently provides patients with satisfactory results every day.


About Us

Dr. Matthew J. Nykiel and his team provide life changing results to patients every day. An elite plastic surgeon, Dr. Nykiel is one of few plastic surgeons who holds a double sub-specialty within Plastic Surgery, a large accomplishment. With Dr. Nykiel’s expertise and team of highly trained professionals, patients can expect to achieve their goals in friendly and inviting environment.

Out of Town? We can Help

Patients shouldn’t settle for their plastic surgeon because of location. We offer help for out of town patients so they can choose the best surgeon for the job.


Skype Consult

If you are from out of town and are interested in working with Dr. Nykiel, your consultation can be conducted from anywhere through Skype.


Traveling to Our Offices

Our office is conveniently located near the LA-ONT International airport, just two miles from the I-15 and I-10 for easy interstate access. The surgery center, our office and airport are all located within a 3 mile radius!


Concierge Traveling Services

We offer our traveling patients full concierge traveling services that includes everything from travel reservations, transportation, hotel reservations, dining recommendations and reservations, ordering healing/wellness equipment, and lastly, arranging and scheduling any leisure activities.

Happy Patients

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