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About Us

Dr. Matthew J. Nykiel

Dr. Matthew J. Nykiel believes an elegant cosmetic result directly correlates with prudent training and precise technique. Therefore, he devoted an extensive amount of time to perfecting his practice. Dr. Nykiel is unique in that he attained a double sub-specialty within Plastic Surgery. This exclusive skill set, only held by a handful of Plastic Surgeons, is how Dr. Nykiel delivers consistent results to satisfied patients every day.


Dr. Nykiel received his Medical Degree from Indiana University. The need for an artistic eye drew him to Plastic Surgery. After medical school, he was immediately accepted into a sought-after Plastic Surgery Residency in St. Louis. During his residency, Dr. Nykiel’s peers elected him to the Graduate Medical Education Committee where he served to provide oversight for the graduate medical education programs to the University.

Stanford University:

After completion of his residency, Dr. Nykiel began his first sub-specialty fellowship at Stanford University. While he was there, Dr. Nykiel served as Faculty at Stanford University. During the course of his fellowship, he cultivated his learning of advanced techniques including: complex breast revisions,, breast reconstruction, microsurgery, abstruse facial reconstructionand Fat Grafting.

Cosmetic Fellowship:

Upon finishing at Stanford University, Dr. Nykiel started his second sub-specialty fellowship in Aesthetic & Cosmetic Surgery. He was honored when selected for an American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAP) endorsed Aesthetic/Cosmetic Plastic surgery fellowship at the Plastic Surgery Center in Sacramento under the tutelage of Dr. Scott Green. There are only 14 ASAP endorsed Aesthetic & Cosmetic training programs in the country. This speaks volumes to the caliber of training Dr. Nykiel received in Cosmetic & Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The dedication to further his training in Aesthetic & Cosmetic Surgery at the culmination of his training cannot be underscored; it is above and beyond the medical standard.

Butt Augmentations & Body Contouring

During his time in Sacramento, he learned the intricate details to achieve elegant results in Fat Grafting to the Butt (Brazilian Butt-Lift) and Body Contouring (Liposuction, Tummy-Tuck, Arm-Lift, Body-Lifts etc.). His unique knowledge and training in fat harvest, grafting and survival techniques allowed him to achieve unparalleled results!

Meet the Team


Mindy is our office Patient Coordinator. After your consultation, she is your primary office point contact. She will help you with all patient scheduling and pre-operative questions.

Maria is a veteran Surgical Technician. Her main job is to help out in the operating room. In addition, she also assists in the post-operative side of the office with post-op follow-ups.


Nola is the pre-operative guru.  She will assist you in navigating any/all questions and paperwork on the day of your pre-operative appointment.  Nola will also help to assist you in choosing your implant sizes and help fit you for your post-operative garment.


Tami is likely the very first person you speak to on the phones and/or will meet in the office.  She helps to make field your questions and make sure the information gets relayed to the proper channels.  In addition, Tami takes care of all the consultation scheduling.

Dr. Matthew J. Nykiel has devoted an extensive sum of time perfecting his expertise as a plastic surgeon. This is a result of his belief that elegant cosmetic results directly correlate with precise technique and prudent training. To practice this belief, Dr. Nykiel achieved a double sub-specialty within Plastic Surgery to gain an exclusive skill set.