Butt Augmentation

About Butt Augmentation

At Butts By Design, you can guess that we specialize in butt augmentations just based on our name! What we truly specialize in, however, is making our patient’s goals become a reality. We will evaluate your personal needs to come up with the perfect plan of action to achieve your ideal results. Plastic surgery is a unique process because the patient gets to help with the surgical planning. We offer three different butt augmentation methods to choose from. Our plastic surgeon in Ontario will help guide you through your consultation so your goals are considered throughout every step of the way.

Non-Surgical Butt Lift

Non-surgical butt lifts are a quick and simple procedure that is done in our office in Ontario in beautiful Southern California. Patients can easily come see us on their lunch break and return to work with a bigger butt! This non-surgical approach to butt enhancement is done using fillers. The filler used is based on how long the patient wants the results to last from permanent to short term. We have fillers that can last for as little as 6 months and fillers that are more permanent. The short-term fillers are great for patients who want to take their bigger butt for a test run before committing to a more permanent option or maybe you want just a little bigger butt for that dress you are going to wear at the next party . We also have fillers that last for years at a time and even more permanent fillers for long term results. The permanent fillers cause the body to lay down collagen and promote tissue growth for long lasting results, while the other fillers are simply absorbed by the body after time.

After your consultation with your plastic surgeon, the type of filler used is chosen. With a syringe, the filler is injected into the hip and butt area to contour the ideal shape. This simple procedure can be completed quickly and there is no down time! Have a lunch break and want to get a quick procedure that leaves you with a fuller and rounder butt? No Problem. If you are searching for a subtle butt enhancement, consider a non-surgical butt lift.

Butt Implants

Butt implant technology has come a LONG way throughout the years. Current, butt implant technology is safe and provides reproducible results. Unfortunately, the old implants/procedures/technology have given this great option a bit of a negative wrap. Our gold standard for butt augmentation is Fat Transfer so before butt implants are considered, we usually opt for liposuction with a fat transfer to the buttocks. However, some patients do not have enough fat for that option. If that is the case, we recommend butt implants to enhance the size of the butt. What if you have some love handles or just need a little refinement to your hourglass too? Well, there is also the option of doing liposuction and fat grafting with butt implants to soften the appearance of the butt implants and create a better overall hourglass of a result.

Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Transfer)

For the best result possible, we recommend patients choose the very popular Brazilian Butt Lift. This procedure allows the patient to achieve a perfect hourglass figure. Liposuction is performed on the abdomen, flanks, and back to sculpt the body. The fat is then processed, cleaned, and washed to identify the best quality fat to redistribute back into the butt and hip areas. Using the best quality fat decreases the resorption rate, creating better and longer lasting results.

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Dr. Matthew J. Nykiel has devoted an extensive sum of time perfecting his expertise as a plastic surgeon. This is a result of his belief that elegant cosmetic results directly correlate with precise technique and prudent training. To practice this belief, Dr. Nykiel achieved a double sub-specialty within Plastic Surgery to gain an exclusive skill set.