Liposuction Overview

Liposuction Overview

May 11, 2017 Liposuction

If you have been dieting and exercising, even reaching your goal weight, and yet you still have areas of fat that just won’t shift, if could be time to consider liposuction. This safe and effective treatment can be done to any part of the body and is the ultimate method of body contouring. Butts By Design in Ontario has a team of skilled experts who are able to work with patients to help them eliminate that unwanted fat and obtain the figures they have been working hard to achieve.

As a preferred plastic surgeon in Ontario, we can help you with some of the most difficult areas, and use liposuction or liposculpture to eliminate fat quickly. For example, liposuction can be done on the arms, abdomen, upper and inner thighs, the back, flanks and much more. Even more appealing is that we are an Ontario plastic surgeon with multiple methods for performing lipo. Patients can opt for ultrasound, laser, standard and other approaches – and each has its pros and cons that you can discuss with the surgeon.

For example, if you want a shorter and faster recovery time, we can suggest the ideal liposuction for your needs. If you are not concerned about the speed of recovery and want multiple areas treated during one session of liposuction, we can explain the best options. You can remain awake but sedated and anesthetized during treatment or you can opt to be asleep and under general anesthesia throughout treatment.

Remember that liposuction is also the first step for those interested in other treatments like a fat to breast transfer or the wildly popular Brazilian butt lift. If you are eager to have certain areas of your body reshaped and sculpted by a skilled surgeon, and you also wish to enhance the bust line or the buttocks, liposuction can provide you with multiple results.

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