Full-Service Travel Concierge

Focus On Your Recovery & We Will Handle The Rest

At Butts By Design®, you have the option of utilizing a Full-Service Travel Concierge, Travel for Plastic Surgery©, to take out any hassles of having to plan our worry about the details. Our Full-Service Travel Concierge make your surgical travel flawless and simple making the trip less about surgery and more like a relaxing time centered around you!

How does the Full-Service Travel Concierge work?
At the time of scheduling your surgery, we will ask if you want to utilize the full-service travel concierge. Simply say, “YES”. The full-service travel concierge, Travel for Plastic Surgery© will contact you and take down all the necessary information. Done! Is that it? Yes!

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Surgery for Out-of-Town Patients

If you are traveling to us from out of town for your procedure(s), we try to make the process as easy as possible for you! When scheduling your surgery, we will also plan any pre-operative labs and testing, the length of your stay, and educate you and your loved ones about the surgery, recovery, and how it interplays with your travel.  Don’t have anyone to take care of you?  No problem, we can recommend  and coordinate home nurses to help!  We also have secured discount rates for travel accommodations located literally next door to the Surgery Center.  We also have lavish accommodations nearby from the Mission Inn to the Pelican Hill Resort. Our office, the LA-ONT International Airport, and the Surgery Center are located within the same 3-mile radius to provide you with easy and convenient travel during your visit with us.  Lastly, if you choose to utilize the full-service concierge, they will take care of all of this for you.   

Step 1: 

Call our office 909-291-4900 or 1-800-NEW-LOOK or simply fill out the Virtual Consult form!  Are you from another country?  No problem.  Fill out the Virtual Consult contact form and we will get in touch with you. We will contact you to go over necessary information including photographs.

And That is it!  We will take care of the rest!  We do this ALL the time at Butts By Design®

If you want to understand the whole process and see the next steps, check it out below: 

Step 2: Once we have all information, we will schedule your virtual consultation. 

At the consultation, recommendations will be made on your various treatment options.  We will send a follow up-email with all the information, including the recommended stay time, and tentative follow ups.

Step 3: Schedule Your Surgery.  

We will provide you with nearby lab location and discuss any other necessary tests.

Step 4: After surgery has been scheduled, take advantage of the full-service travel concierge. 

They can take care of every aspect of your travel. See the page on the full-service travel concierge to view what the concierge can provide to you!

Step 5:  Come for Surgery and Rest/Recuperate in Sunny Southern California! 

Why Travel for Plastic Surgery?

There are many reasons you should travel for plastic surgery, but the most important is that you are receiving the best care possible. Not all plastic surgeons provide the same results, attention to detail, or even have the same level of education. It’s important to consider all factors when choosing you plastic surgeon, not just price. When you travel to us for your surgery, you are traveling to our excellent team of highly trained professionals, our proven results, and for your safety.


Airline Flights and Transportation to and from the Airport

Have you own airplane/helicopter?  No problem, they will discuss directly with your flight team to arrange travel.

Car Service Transportation to and from the Airport

Rental Cars, standard, luxury or exotic, if desired

Recommendations and Reservations for hotels.   Including arranging different hotel/resort stays if an extended trip.  Option Include:

Hotels near Surgical Center, including Options literally next door

5 Star Resorts and Spas with options overlooking the Pacific Ocean or the Desert & Mountains to allow you to fully relax and recuperate.

Recommendations and Reservations for Dining in the Area

Do you have a special diet?  Or do you want fresh food centered around healing and wellness?  No Problem they arrange a Personal Chef to bring and prepare your meals.

Ordering and shipping all necessary and needed healing/wellness equipment, i.e. garments, pillows, vitamins etc.

Arranging and scheduling itinerary activities for extended trips


Experience the Ease of Talking Face-to-Face with Dr. Nykiel to Discuss Surgical Options.

For patients who do not live in the Ontario area or are unable to visit our office for a consultation, we can arrange for a face-to-face Skype consultation. During your consultation, you will be able to ask your doctor any questions, review the procedure(s) and find out how we can accomplish your goals. Contact our office today to set up a time for your Skype consultation.

Contact Us to Schedule a Consultation

If you are ready to schedule your consultation, don’t wait, call 909-291-4900 or fill out our online contact form and we will set up a time for you and the plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and concerns.


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